Monday, July 23, 2007


It is always interesting to talk about abundance in life. All creation lives in abundance except some persons who decide to live in penury or abject poverty. Just look at all aspects of nature and you will find abundance. The vegetation is full of abundance; the seas and the oceans are never lacking. The animals of the forest and the animals of the sea dwell in abundance. The birds of the air keep singing melodius songs all day long. None of these creatures ever find themselves lacking.

Look at the firmament and observe the stars are without number; they are innumerable. Think of the variety of colors of the sky; they keep changing and bringing about finer colors within a twinkle of an eye.

Indeed this is how the Sovereign of the universe has decreed it. And being a decree it must stand.

When I look all around me I find abundance. However, when I look at the condition of man I seem to observe a difference. In all regions of the world there is poverty. In Europe you find some persons who are burdened by large debts; in the Americas you find the same; many live in squalors. In Asia the story is not too difficult. In Africa the story of lack can be found every corner where you can find human beings.

In very many cases many blame those in authority as being behind the causes of this phenomenon. Perhaps, they are. Others blame in on the environment while others say that poor management as well as man's inhumanity to man could serve as the major issues involved.

But come to think of it, the universe is full of abundance so there is no reason why man should not live in abundance. But the truth is that man in all regions of the world live in penury - a state of lack. This cannot be so because the universe is full of opportunities and abundance.

Thus, man's volition decides the direction of his movement. Man's thought pattern is the major source of state of affairs. By his thought patterns man can decide to be poor or wealthy. This site will certainly bring about the way forward for men who want to be wealthy. I bet you, any man can be wealthy irrespective of the region of the world he comes from.